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David M Daggett CPA - How to Handle a Tax Audit

Few things can be as scary as finding out you are being audited by the IRS. Of course, if you have always filed your taxes properly you have nothing to worry about, but that doesn’t always make the process any easier. David M Daggett CPA has helped many of his clients deal with tax audits. If you get audited there are a few things you should keep in mind that may make the process easier.

Make Sure The Audit Is Real

There are many scams that trick people into giving out their personal information by telling them they are being audited. The IRS will never call you or email you to tell you that you are being audited or to request information about your taxes. All communication will be sent through the mail. If you do receive a letter from the IRS make sure you read it entirely and understand the type of audit. If you do not understand the letter, let your tax accountant help you.

Stay Calm

Many people get nervous and upset when they learn they are being audited. While you may be worried or stressed about the audit, it is important to stay calm. When you are calm you can think clearly and do what needs to be done to help the audit be completed faster so you can move on to more important things in your life.

Organize Your Records

If you kept good tax records, it will be very beneficial in the event of an audit. You should take the time to find and organize the records that refer to the same dates or time period of the audit. You can even take these files to your tax accountant if you prefer he or she handle it. If you need to find or order any records, be sure to do so. Also remember to keep a copy of all the information you need to send your accountant or the IRS for your own records.

Be Straightforward

When you meet with or talk to the auditor be sure to be straightforward. You will be asked a lot of questions so it is important to answer them truthfully. You should stick to only answering the questions you are asked. Do not add more information than necessary or drag out the questions with long and complicated answers. You want to make the process as fast as possible so don’t give the auditor more information than he needs.

Nobody wants to be audited, but sometimes it happens. David M Daggett CPA has been helping people with their taxes for many years and has assisted his clients with audits in the past. The above tips can help you deal with an audit and move on with your life.

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