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David M. Daggett CPA - Things to Know About Being a Consultant Pt. 2

 David M. Daggett, CPA has years of experience as an accounting professional. From working with some of the largest accounting firms in the world to successfully owning an accounting business and body armor manufacturing company, Mr. Daggett has knowledge that proves useful to many small business owners.

In a continuation from a previous post on the same topic, explore some of the aspects of consulting that many consultants need to appreciate as they seek to establish themselves among clients.

You Have to Sell Yourself

It might sound unpleasant, but that is what consulting is all about; selling you. To get good at this, you can consider a few things. For starters, you have to dress well. How you look should communicate the value of services you provide.

It helps to have a high price tag on your services since many people tend to associate big costs with big value. You have to be trustworthy as a consultant, and there's no substitute for delivering quality services.

“I’m My Own Boss”

As a consultant, you are accountable to clients who will expect results from the engagement. So even though you can set your hours and define the scope of the work you perform, you may not be your “own boss” in the bigger picture.

Dealing with Disappointment

You will deal with disappointment, both personal and professional, in this line of business. Consulting can be emotionally draining, and while everyone’s mental makeup is different, it’s wise to know how to deal with disappointment.

David M Daggett CPA is passionate about accounting, and he’s made a successful career out of this passion.

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